May 28, 2013

Kentucky Church Ends Ties to Gay Boy Scouts

Now that the boy scouts are going gay, it's inevitable that churches that truly follow Jesus Christ will break all ties with the organization.

That has already started to happen in Kentucky, as Southeast Christian Church announced it will break ties with the Boy Scouts of America, citing the polarizing institution it has become.

Barry Oxley, chief executive of the Boy Scouts' Lincoln Heritage Council, said this:

"Our focus is helping youth grow into young people of character and integrity through a program of fun and adventure."

Now that the boy scouts went homosexual, the new idea of fun is one that is ungodly and opposite of who Jesus Christ is.

It's people like this Oxley who better get educated quickly as to what character and integrity is. It is not the acceptance, promotion, or tolerance of sin that is probably condemned as much as any sin in the Holy Scriptures is.

What has happened is the Boy Scouts have now opened the door to anti-Christian behavior condemned by God almighty, and that means this organization needs to be totally and completely abandoned and rejected by the Church.

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