May 9, 2013

Kentucky Medicaid to Soar in Coverage

The size of Kentucky's Medicaid program is poised to soar by about 308,000 of additional coverage for citizens, who are forced to get coverage under Obamacare. Over 800,000 low-income residents of Kentucky are already part of the program.

Tea party activist David Adams said he believes the move will end up with additional government waste.

"Medicaid provides little more than large opportunities in health care fraud and inefficiency for politicians who can't do math."

Typically, Democratic Governor Steve Beshear was falling all over himself praising the initiative.

"I have repeatedly said that I believe it is in the best interest of the Commonwealth and its citizens to provide better access to health care for our people. My only concern was the cost. We have now done the exhaustive research and our conclusion matched what most others states have found: by expanding Medicaid, Kentucky will come out ahead in terms of both health outcomes and finances. In fact, if we don't expand Medicaid, we will lose money."

Obamacare has already soared far beyond its projected costs, so we'll see in a relatively short few years how much it'll drag on the economy of Kentucky.

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