May 28, 2013

Bardstown Honors Slain Police Officer

The widow of slain Bardstown police officer Jason Ellis, 33, and their two sons, paid respect Monday to the husband and father, who has gunned down while attempting to remove debris from the road.

Extended family joined them as they gathered around his patrol car in an emotional candlelight vigil, which included hundreds of supporters in the community.

There were also flowers and flags commemorating the life of the well-liked officer and man.

No doubts remain as to what happened, as it was a planned event where someone had planned on shooting someone at that particular spot. The only question remaining is whether or not it was specifically planned for Ellis, or he was a random victim.

Ellis is suspected of having been attacked immediately after exiting his car, as he his gun was still in his holster when his body was found. He had been shot numerous times with a shotgun, according to reports.

No information on what the debris was or where the shooters had been standing have been released by investigators.

Motorists finding the body of Ellis used the radio in his car to call it in. They had believed it had been an accident.

There are no suspects in custody at this time, although it is possible there could have been more than one person involved in the shooting. While not stated, the assumption is the multiple gunshot wounds may have been from more than one shooter.

The funeral of Ellis will be held on Thursday in Bardstown.

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