June 12, 2013

Southern Baptist Convention Takes Stand Against Gay Boy Scouts

On Wednesday the Southern Baptist Convention took an official stand against the gay Boy Scouts of America, saying the practices of homosexuals are contrary to the oath of a scout to do his duty to God.

This was in response to the irresponsible and immoral decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly gay scouts into the membership.

Since Southern Baptist churches are independent, the leadership can't tell a church it has to sever ties with the Scouts.

According to the website of the Boy Scouts of America, approximately 108,000 Boy Scouts are sponsored by the Southern Baptists. The largest protestant denomination in America warned the Boy Scout leadership that allowing gays into the membership would result in many Southern Baptist churches to stop sponsoring troops.

Since the Southern Baptist Convention has an alternative boys youth program in place called Royal Ambassadors, it's unclear why the churches it represents don't completely leave the Boy Scouts, as the Boy Scouts are irrelevant, it's the raising of godly young men that matters.

The perverted idea that boys should remain in the Scouts because of it being considered an evangelistic opportunity is totally wrong and unbiblical. You don't place unsuspecting boys in the midst of a perverted and evangelistic lifestyle for the sake of supposedly winning some to Christ. Willfully exposing children to homosexuality is sinful, and to do it in the name of Christ even worse.

Jesus and John the Baptist, in the beginning of their ministries, said "repent," that means to turn away from your sin and believe in Christ. To remove repent from the equation in order to be considered "tolerant" is a sure way to lose all salt and light the people of Jesus Christ are called to be.

All real Christians need to totally break away from the Boy Scouts and start their own programs, if they already don't have one in place. The name Boy Scouts has no meaning, and it adds nothing to the training and experience of boys to have that name attached to them.

The Boy Scouts have been completely compromised, quit using the tired old mantra of staying on to change them from within. It isn't going to happen. Leave the Boy Scouts and let them become the irrelevant organization they are already on the way to becoming.

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