April 8, 2013

ACLU Kentucky Attacks Bible Distribution in Schools

The anti-Christian ACLU Kentucky, with nothing better or more important to do, has threatened public schools in Kentucky with lawsuits for allegedly allowing The Gideons International to distribute Bibles on some of the school campuses in the state.

ACLU Kentucky staff attorney, William Sharp, also threatened individual school officials concerning personal liability for the allowance of Bibles in Kentucky schools.

Sharp said in a letter included with an Open Records Act request, that "… this practice violates both federal and state constitutional guarantees barring governmental endorsement of religion, and it also impermissibly encroaches upon parents' prerogative to direct the religious upbringing of their children. By allowing an outside group to distribute sectarian materials directly to public elementary school students during school hours, school officials create the impression that the school endorses those religious views which subjects the students to 'subtle coercive pressure' to accept the proffered religious materials."

The ACLU and its supporters have trouble sleeping at night knowing Bibles are possibly being distributed to school students, even in the midst of a faltering American culture.

The Gideons International has been persecuted and harassed by the ACLU around the country as it attempts to stamp out Christianity in any public forum, even though Christians pay taxes to support the failing American school system.

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  1. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

    R.I.C.O Federal Law.
    Why are not these laws applied to the ACLU. Follow the money people. And how long before this mafia style organization get away with shakedowns, They have financially have hurt many towns and cities across this nation..Kentucky needs to stand its ground. Hello Kentucky attorney generals office...