April 8, 2013

Down-N-Dirty Seeks to Protect Turkey Call

A relatively new turkey call from Kentucky-based Down-N-Dirty Outdoors has performed tremendously, and is high demand, which has resulted in some competitors allegedly copying the design of the call.

Consequently, Down-N-Dirty Outdoors has responded by suing Knight & Hale Game Calls after the wild success of its air-blown turkey gobble call.

After attempting to work out a joint venture with Knight & Hale, Down-N-Dirty started selling its unique turkey call in December 2011, where hunters gobbled them up. Not too long afterwards Knight & Hale offered its own version of the call, whereby Down-N-Dirty filed a lawsuit saying the company copied its design and is asking a judge to stop sales and is seeking damages as well.

The name of Down-N-Dirty's turkey call is the "Haint Gobble Call." Turkey hunters love the style of the air-blown turkey gobble call because is more realistic and produces better results for them.

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