April 15, 2013

Investigation of Ky. Democrat Group Widening

The investigation surrounding the scandal associated with Kentucky Democratic group Progress Kentucky is widening, as U.S. Capitol Police have joined the FBI concerning the unethical taping of a private campaign meeting held by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and some of his aides.

With Progress Kentucky having alleged easy access to the meeting, it does generate questions as to where the Capitol Police were when members of the group were supposedly right outside the door taping the conversation.

This all assumes it was in fact taped outside the meeting room and not bugged from within. If it was bugged within, the consequences would probably be far graver for the participants in the recording of McConnell.

The Democrat front group released the recording to Mother Jones, which was then put online in audio and transcript form.

Kentucky's official Democratic newspaper, the increasingly irrelevant Louisville Courier-Journal, even attempted to make the content of the conversation the issue, rather than the illegal actions of Democratic operatives.

It was a meeting to deal with a possible Ashley Judd run, where the admitted mental health issues Judd in fact has had were discussed.

As Larue County Register has said in the past, the emotional and mental state of a U.S. Senator is not only relevant to the people of Kentucky, but vital to our interests. To discuss it is extremely important, and to act as if this is some type of poor behavior on the part of McConnell can't be seriously believed.

The Democratic Party of Kentucky has taken a serious blow, and now its most supportive media arm is trying to provide cover for the despicable actions of some of its members. Democrats in Kentucky know they could pay for this in the next election, and so are in some cases attempting to go on the offensive over an indefensible act by those in the Kentucky Democratic Party.

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