April 22, 2013

Kentucky Man Arrested Over School Threat

A Henderson, Kentucky man was arrested Sunday no charges he allegedly making a threat that he could use explosives at the high school in the Kentucky city.

Sitting at a restaurant in what was thought to be a private conversation, 20-year-old Brenden Mathis was supposedly overheard making comments about using explosives at the high school.

An instant communication system called One Call was used to report the alleged conversation to the Henderson County school system.

After receiving the message, the school system contacted Henderson Police, which used a photo taken by the person listening to the conversation to identify Mathis, who was arrested at his home.

Public Information Officer Jenny Richmond said this, “We take any type of threat against our schools seriously. It was serious enough that the patron (reported it).”

The problem with the comment by Richmond is it yet has to be determined whether what was heard by the person reporting Mathis was accurate and in context.

Just because someone says they heard someone talking in what they believed was a threatening manner, doesn't mean that was the case at all, as they could have heard snippets of the conversation and made wrong assumptions.

So the idea that there was a threat in any way hasn't been concluded, and comments that it was to be taken seriously is premature.

That's not to say Mathis isn't guilty of the comments, just that we should wait until that is clarified one way or the other.

Mathis has been charged with terroristic threatening.

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