April 11, 2013

Kentucky Lawmaker Seeks Drone Ban

Saying the use of drones for lethal and surveillance purposes violates the Kentucky constitution, Onge of Lakeside Park has propose the state legislature take up the issue in the next session.
Republican state Rep. Diane St.

The exception to the rule would be the use of drones for practice purposes, as well as for use by law enforcement in regard to search warrants.

Called "The Citizens' Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act" by St. Onge, it won't be considered until January 2014.

The major concern of St. Onge is the threat drones pose to the constitutional rights of the people of Kentucky, along with privacy concerns.

A copy of the proposal has been filed by St. Onge with the Legislative Research Commission.

Larue County Register fully backs this proposal, as drones are definitely a threat to the freedoms Americans and Kentuckians have enjoyed for a long time.

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