April 9, 2013

Hodgenville's Kaitlynn Small Loves Hunting Turkeys

Having hunted turkeys from a young age, Hodgenville's Kaitlynn Small says on her Facebook page that "killing turkeys is what I do," and from the photos included and story told, she does it very well.

The latest turkey she proudly displays in the first photo includes these features:
23.1 lbs
 8 1/4 Beard
 1 1/16 - 1 1/8 Spurs

Next is an image of her first turkey, which was taken 3 years ago. Typical of most young ladies, Kaitlynn has deduced that she looks "horrible" at that time.

Finally, Kaitlynn recognizes the influence of her grandpa or "Papaw," of whom she says this:

"This is the man I look up to. He's taught me things I'll never forget like how to hunt and fish. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's the only person I'll listen to. He's done so much for me. I never want to loose him. I love you Papaw."

Now what grandpa wouldn't want to have that said about them by their granddaughter?

It's refreshing to see this young lady focus on this wonderful sport, while becoming an expert at what she loves.

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