April 27, 2013

Kentucky Pain Clinic Owners Pleaded Guilty in Oxycodone Case

Following the indictment of Dr. Rano Bofill and pleading guilty of Dr. Richard Albert, Tammy Cantrell, 40, of Oil Springs, Ky., and Shelby Lackey, 50, of Williamsport, Ky., owners of Care More Pain Management in Paintsville, Kentucky, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and unlawfully dispense oxycodone and maintaining a drug-involved premise.

Cantrell and Lackey conspired with doctors to dispense over 50,000 prescription pills, and will be sentenced for their crime in September.

Dr. Richard Albert agreed to give back $500,000 in proceeds from the illegal sales of oxycodone, as did Cantrell and Lackey. Dr. Rano Bofill pleaded not guilty and will go to trial in May. Albert will be sentenced in June.

“We think this is a very significant case,” said U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey. “This puts an end to this chapter in the fight against these pill mills.”

According to court records, doctors "practicing" at Care More did little or no physical examinations before they wrote the prescriptions. The majority of pills dispensed were for 90 Percocet 10-milligram.

There was no insurance accepted at the clinic, and doctors made no referrals for physical rehabilitation.

Costs were $200 for an initial visit and $185 for followup visits.

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