April 11, 2013

Does McConnell Bugging Show Kentucky Democrats Losing it?

There is a disturbing trend in the Kentucky Democratic Party that voters in the commonwealth need to look closely at, the latest being the bugging recording of the private conversation between Senator Mitch McConnell and aides as they planned how to respond to an Ashley Judd run if she opposed McConnell.

According to Jacob Conway, who had had the information about the bugging recording - having been told by two Democrat, liberal extremists from Progress Kentucky that they had secretly recorded the meeting - he came forward because "he didn't want the situation tarnishing the Democratic Party."

Too late Jacob, you and the Democratic Party in Kentucky are totally tarnished by this because you knew this information for some time, and only chose to release it when you saw the letters FBI associated with an investigation. You knew you would be pointed out as having received the information, which could have, and still may lead to, criminal charges.

After all, why did Democrat Jacob Conway not immediately expose this in order to "protect" the integrity of the Kentucky Democratic Party? His sudden concern is only self-interest ... probably as a result of being pressured by those in the Democratic Party whom saw where it would and will lead.

When added to the support many in the Kentucky Democratic Party had for Ashley Judd, including Democrat Governor Steve Beshear, who had no problem asserting she would be a formidable foe for McConnell, which as her dropping out of the race revealed, wasn't true at all. National Democrats attempted to force Judd on the people of Kentucky, with many Kentucky Democrats lining up as puppets to their national masters in support of Judd.

It was only after the realization she would get slaughtered by McConnell, which would result in state Democrats getting crushed in the next election, that they started backing off supporting the Hollywood liberal.

This is a trend in the Kentucky Democratic Party, as Beshear recently called the Christians in Kentucky dangerous over the freedom of religion bill he vetoed, but which was overridden by the Kentucky House and Senate.

The point is Democrats in Kentucky appear to be hiding their true beliefs until they manipulate the people of Kentucky into considering them representative of their values, which it is increasingly being revealed - they aren't.

As for the bugging recording of McConnell, Jacob Conway said he used to be friends with Shawn Reilly and Curtis Morrison, the two from Progress Kentucky who revealed to Conway they had bugged recorded McConnell and his aides secretly.

Why are they now being identified as former friends by Conway? When did the relationship between them end, and why? Was it when Conway realized he could be in big trouble? Why did Conway and the Democratic Party wait until they were caught before they let the information about this scandal be known?

Are we to believe Conway kept this secret and to himself; not telling anyone in the Kentucky Democratic Party about the breach in ethics? There is no doubt some in the Democratic Party knew about this besides Conway, and it'll be very interesting to see where the FBI may take the investigation.

I say this because there can be no doubt Conway was pressured by someone in the Democratic Party to come clean with the information so it wouldn't be traced back to the party. Otherwise he would have did nothing.

Again, there could be some self-interest here, as mentioned earlier concerning the FBI being called upon to investigate the situation. Nonetheless it's a surety Conway sought advice before going public with the revelation.

As to the conversation itself, it's actually not out of bounds at all, and the fact that Judd herself has revealed in her autobiography that she has been suicidal and had a mental breakdown is very pertinent to voters in Kentucky.

Why wouldn't the people of Kentucky want to know the psychological makeup of a person that is going to represent them, especially when it appears the person running for office has the potential to be mentally unstable? It's not only relevant, it's essential to know.

So the idea that talking about Judd concerning this matter is inappropriate is clearly wrongheaded. It is the job of opponents to point out weaknesses in their opposition so we can get as clear as picture as we can to make an informed decision.

When Ashley Judd put out feelers to see what the reaction would be, she lost all here right to privacy, as a person running for office no longer has the right to hide things that could be potentially detrimental to their successfully fulfilling their obligations to their constituents.

With surveillance tapes have been pulled by the FBI, and it won't be long before the public knows whether the two in question actually were standing outside the door of the meeting as alleged, or if there was in fact a bug planted in the office of McConnell. Either way, the Democrat group Progress Kentucky and its supporters are in big trouble.

It's troubling to see this face of the Kentucky Democratic Party being revealed and uncovered, and the people of Kentucky need to seriously send the Democrats a message in the next election that we're not liberals; we're not supportive of unauthorized bugging or taping of private conversations; and we're not a bunch of crazies because many of us follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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