January 24, 2013

Anti-Gun Hysteria Harming Students

Melody Valentin - Fox 29
The battle by liberals against the 2nd Amendment continues, with many of the students being victims of the hysterical assault on anything even resembling a gun, even a piece of paper, as one little girl found out.

In the Philadelphia area, student Melody Valentin was turned in by a classmate for having a paper gun her grandfather had made and given her. Not only that, but the piece of paper had been thrown in the garbage can in the school.

Not only that, but when the media is reporting on it they are calling it a fake gun, as if there was some type of uncertainty as to whether a piece of paper could shoot real bullets.
This is as bad as last week when another student in a different part of the country was suspended for pointing a pink Hello Kitty bubble gun at someone. Even pointing a finger at someone as if it is a gun is considered a serious infraction these days.

All of this is a sickening display by authorities, especially in the public school system, who are overreacting to the tragic, recent shootings in Connecticut.

As for Melody, the teacher reportedly went off on her, threatening her with calling the cops and having her arrested. Talk about a nut job. All of this over a piece of paper shaped in form of a gun.

You would think teachers in America would be more concerned about things like educating students, as the country continues to slide in results when compared with other nations.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has said concerning the threat of real guns, in that a portion of the administrators and teachers should be empowered to carry guns in order to combat the possibility of a gunman showing up to do harm.

Churches across the country have been doing this, and there have been far fewer incidents as a result.

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