January 24, 2013

Beshear, Democrats: "Increase Taxes"

Democratic Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, is throwing his support behind an effort to empower counties around the state to have the option of raising taxes beyond the already-high 6 percent sales tax residents of Kentucky already have to pay.

This is of course spearheaded by metro-area mayors of Louisville and Lexington - Greg Fischer and Jim Gray. Fischer said an increase in tax of 1-cent would result in an additional $90 million for the government coffers. That's all we need, even larger government than we already have.

“With all the needs we have with our roads and sidewalks and infrastructure, that could take care of it pretty quickly because our general fund cannot,” Fischer said. “So the governor’s voice in this effort is really big.”

What's the problem with all of this? What's wrong with improving infrastructure? The problem is you won't hear about the need to cut government spending. Slashing out-of-control government spending is the answer, not raising taxes on the citizens of Kentucky.

Speaking at a chamber of commerce event organized by Greater Louisville Inc., Beshear said he he traveled to Oklahoma City to see how the concept work, and the tired and unproductive old idea of revitalizing downtown areas was proffered as an example of success. I'm not kidding. Beshear actually said that.

Anyone that has looked into the arena strategy will find they're a disaster, and require and constant stream of taxpayer funds to survive. Once they start to wear out, there is another arena requested which the taxpayers have to fund as well, resulting in a perpetual funding requirement for the people of the respective state.

Kathy Stein, a Democratic senator from Lexington, initiated what is called Senate Bill 30, which would provide the legal backing for what is identified as an amendment to the Kentucky constitution called the "local-option sales tax amendment."

It is time for citizens of the Commonwealth to rethink the Democratic party in Kentucky, as also evidenced by John Yarmouth joining Obama in trashing the 2nd Amendment.

Democrats in Kentucky look like they're joining the Obama bandwagon, which is far afield from the values people in Kentucky hold dear.

For the quest for higher taxes in Kentucky, all Beshear could say was, “It makes sense.” No Governor Beshear, it doesn't make sense.

Contact your representatives and be sure to let them know you oppose the ability for local governments to tax people even more.

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