January 29, 2013

Frigid Weather Returning to Larue County

Don't get too relaxed over the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying over the last couple of days, as after a warm Wednesday, where highs are predicted to reach into the low 60s, not too long afterwards during the night hours it could plunge as much as 40 degrees, dropping to the mid 20s.

What is happening, according to head forecaster Mark Adams for the Fort Knox weather station, is warm, moist air is being brought up from the Gulf of Mexico in the front of a low-pressure system, with cold air coming up behind it.

Conditions could quickly change for the worst, says Adams, with possibilities of light snow, high winds, and thunderstorms later Tuesday or early Wednesday.

The good news is we're past the traditionally coldest part of the winter and other than occasional cold fronts, should start to gradually warm up going forward.

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