January 16, 2013

Why Larue County Register was Born

Larue County and the heartland need a strong voice in these troubling times, and Larue County Register, an online news and commentary website for the county, state of Kentucky, and national and international news, is committed to provide just that for its residents.

Our primary focus will be on things important to those living in Larue County and the surrounding area, as well as important stories breaking in Kentucky that may affect all of us.

The future in America, as we can see unfolding before our eyes, is one that will require local people to work together in a way we haven't had to for many decades.

Promises from politicians will begin to fail all of us over time, as the money to back them up doesn't exist, and we will be left in many areas of our lives to fend for ourselves in a darkening world.

We must hold on to our spiritual roots as we journey into a future that won't stop for us, while looking for ways to protect and provide for one another in the midst of a weakening federal government.

Larue County Register won't back down from reporting on the news and stories that have an impact on our lives, and will operate as a "voice crying in the wilderness," as the corrupt mainstream media forces attempt to back radical political and governmental agendas that go against our values and way of life.

This digital newspaper is being born because of the birth pangs coming from a nation that has abandoned its Christian roots and with some is dedicated to taking away our liberties one at a time.

We won't back down. We won't give in. We won't be silent in the face of powerful evil permeating this once great nation.

As for Larue County itself, we won't allow this to take hold and grow as a cancer as it has in many other regions of the country that would surprise many of us, including our neighbor to the south. Our fight begins now, and we won't stop until these forces are turned away from our hearts and minds, as well as the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren.

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