January 25, 2013

Baptist Gay "Minister" Arrested for Trespassing

Highland Baptist Church (Louisville, KY) apparently "ordained" homosexual Maurice "Bojangles" Blanchard, who also has adopted the title Reverend before his name.

Blanchard was recently arrested for refusing to leave a clerk's office in Jefferson County, after being refused a marriage license. Marriage in Kentucky, as it commanded by God to be everywhere and at all times, is only between a man and a woman.

Talking to reporters, Louisville Metro Police Lt. Robert Shadle said Blanchard and his partner "Dominique James asserted they had a ""spiritual obligation" to refuse to leave and were consequently arrested.

Blanchard said he was "trusting in God and deeply called to do this."

Odd that someone who has rejected the commands of the Holy Scriptures concerning homosexuality, then using language real Christians use as an appeal to his protest.

If Highland Baptist indeed "ordained" him, then they are culpable, not only for this anti-Christian behavior, but for enabling homosexuals to believe they can continue on living in sin, which ultimately will lead to eternal damnation for them.

Evidently in the name of the false god of tolerance, Highland Baptist Church is opposing God, not only in the acceptance of the lifestyle of these people, but in teaching the people attending the building that it's okay for them and their children as well. We truly are in a time of sorrows.

This is why we must remove ourselves from religious trappings and focusing on the outward, and not only reading and teaching biblical Christianity, but living it.

The two were also wearing caps together with the saying "God is love" on them. The problem is Jesus Christ said if people say they love Him they must obey His commandments. No obedience equals no love of Christ. It's as simple as that.

Highland Baptist Church, which really shouldn't use the name church any longer, as least as it relates to being real followers of Jesus Christ, "ordained" Blanchard so he could begin a ministry to the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered.

What is wrong with that is a person must have repented of their sin so they can help people living in sin be delivered from it by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a false gospel and practice to allow a person living in sin then have a ministry towards those who are living in sin.

It's really not a ministry approved by God, of course, but one that seeks to make it acceptable to live in this sin and still be considered a part of the family of God. The lie is despicable, and against everything that Jesus Christ stands for.

Picture someone that is a thief having a ministry to others concerning delivering them from shoplifting, while at the same time, by the life that is being lived by that person, and their belief system, telling them the sinful life they're living is acceptable to God, and they have no need to repent and turn to Christ for forgiveness. That's not a ministry, it's a demonic lie.

That is ludicrous of course, yet the lie that homosexuals are born that way has been increasingly accepted by those asserting not only to be Christians, but those that are supposedly in positions of real spiritual authority.

In the end, the term church, reverend, pastor, minister, among other "Christian" definitions, are no longer valid, as they have been hijacked by the ungodly and disobedient in order to make them appear respectable to those who aren't trained in righteousness.

This is why the 'Radical Christanity' page is included on this news site, to challenge everyone that it has come time to abandon the outward trappings of religion and seek out the only God, Jesus Christ, who has come to intimately dwell within them.

It's only together and in a daily commitment and practice that we can walk and grow in Jesus Christ together. We must encourage and challenge one another to continue in that corporate walk until we leave this earth or Jesus Christ returns to resurrect us all.

To see this type of behavior not only condoned, but embraced by those alleging to be Christians, only shows how far we have strayed from the real Jesus Christ.

Highland Pastor Joe Phelps had the group of people he's over resign from the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Long Run Baptist Association in order to avoid being disciplined.

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