January 24, 2013

Kentucky Unemployment Down in 97 Counties

Of the 120 counties in Kentucky, estimates are 97 of them had unemployment rates drop December 2011 and December 2012, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.

There were 21 counties that had unemployment rates rise, while the other two counties in the state remained the same during that period of time.

The worst unemployment rate in the state by county was Magoffin County, which was suffering at a 16.9 percent rate; next was Fulton County, 15. 8 percent; Leslie County, 14.6 percent; Letcher County, 14 percent; Knott County, 13.8 percent; Bell, Wolfe and Harlan counties  13.5 percent; Jackson County, 12.9 percent; and Perry and McCreary counties, 12.7 percent.

As for the lowest unemployment rate in Kentucky, that went to Woodford County, where jobless rates stood at 5.4 percent. After that were Union and Fayette counties, 5.9 percent each; Franklin and Oldham counties, both at 6.1 percent; Madison and Shelby counties, both at 6.2 percent; Scott County, 6.3 percent; Jessamine County, 6.4 percent; and Daviess and Warren counties, both at 6.5 percent.

For Larue County, the jobless rate fell from 9 percent last year to 6.5 percent, as of October, 2012.

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, is a branch of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

It should be kept in mind that these are estimates and not exact. The purpose of the estimates are to measure where unemployment is trending, and not to provide specific numbers.

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