January 25, 2013

Ice Covers Larue County Roads

For those living in Larue County, it's best to simply sit tight and stay at home, as ice is on the roads all over the city, and many cars have gotten stuck as a result.

On College Street, where I just took a look, cars are lined up because they got stuck attempting to go up the grade, going from North to South.

Some vehicles are sideways and others just a foot or two from crashing into other vehicles.

Maple has similar problems, as some cars have went off the road and into some yards in the area.

Unless you absolutely travel, it's best to stay home until it warms up or the crews get some salt on the roads.

Having said that, at least one county ice truck has itself went off the road, so it's unclear how long we may have to way for relief, other than the weather warming up and the ice melting.

Schools in the area are closed.

The two photos below are on College Street. The first one is of a car that almost hit into another car on the street. The bottom picture is the intersection of College Street and College Hts.

Not too long after posting the first picture below, a car slammed into the one on the left below and damaged the green car.

Pictures of the ice storm in Larue County

A car hit the car above and did this.
Now you see the car that was to the left above after it got hit and smashed into the green car.
After hitting the car it slid on the ice and ended up in this position in front of the car it hit.
Below: Intersection of College Street and College Hts.

Above Photo Credits: Sally Bourgeault

The first photo below is Airline with a sheet of ice.

Photo Credit: Deborah Fantasia
The ice-covered trees are in a yard along Airline

Photo Credit: Nicole Fantasia

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