January 19, 2013

13 Kentucky Students Charged with Felonies for Prank Bomb, Gun Threats

A group of 13 Kentucky students were arrested for allegedly making prank bomb and gun threats at Greenup County High School in Lloyd and at West Carter High School in Olive Hill, Kentucky.

As usual in these cases, because of the rare, but tragic cases where there are causalities, law enforcement over-reacts by going too far the other way, as the case here appears to be, where the students are all charged with felonies for the stupid, but immature pranks made to do nothing other than disrupt the school schedule.

While young people need to be taught on the world we now live in in regard to stunts like these, the idea of potentially ruining the lives of these young people because of media pressure from so-called progressives, is an outrage.

The point isn't that all threats need to be taken seriously, and some form of punishment administered for the cost of having to go through the process of securing schools and children, to charge these young people with a felony in what appears to be an effort by police to send a message to other young people in the area, goes beyond the bounds of law, and their age and who they are needs to be taken into consideration.

It is possible that there is no intention of actually taking the young people to trial which would result in destroying their lives, law enforcement does need to be careful about what they charge people with, as when compared to real crimes, they're more of a nuisance and disruptive, rather than being dangerous to a community.

When you consider children in the age range of 5 to 10 years old are being kicked out of school for pointing a finger and saying "bang," or carrying a toy nerf gun which is impossible to be confused with a real gun, you know the mainstream media frenzy that is attempting to trash the 2nd amendment is in full force, and there could be many more victims that do nothing other than get involved with pranks that are now considered extremely illegal, when in fact they're no different than any of the pranks that were done in past generations.

The ability to discern the situation is needed, along with the refusal to arrest, charge and pursue convictions over what everyone knows was a stupid, but harmless prank. Our children deserve better than for communities to succumb to illogical and unwarranted fear and response over a very few sick people that do engage in activities that result in fatalities.

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