January 23, 2013

Kentucky Tea Party Wants to "Retire" McConnell

Dissatisfaction with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell by Tea Party members of Kentucky have them working hard to retire him in 2014.

Speaking on behalf of United Kentucky Tea Party, John T. Kemper III said that "we are working on a battle plan with the ultimate goal to retire him next year." Some see Kemper, who has unsuccessfully run for Congress and state auditor, as a potential candidate to oppose McConnell.

Viewed as an establishment candidate by most Kentucky tea partiers, McConnell has confirmed that in some of his votes, the latest one being the brokering of the deal concerning the fiscal cliff that did nothing to help cut federal spending, which the nation is in dire need of.
When asked about Tea Party opposition to McConnell, his campaign manager Jesse Benton said, "Leader McConnell is a great friend of the Kentucky Tea Parties and is committed to giving them a seat at the table and bringing their voices to Washington."

Referring to Benton, a news released from United Kentucky Tea Party said this, "The Tea Parties in Kentucky are led by local grassroots individuals, not by any national organization," the statement said. "Any representation otherwise by the Republican Party leadership of Kentucky or Senator McConnell and his surrogates is inconsistent with the truth and will be vigorously and publicly disputed every step of the way."

Unfortunately, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who has legitimate Tea Party credentials concerning most issues, has come out in support of Mitch McConnell. My wish is in those areas Paul would refrain from endorsements until a clearer picture unfolds.

A good Tea Party candidate could emerge to oppose McConnell, yet Paul has already given McConnell his endorsement. It was too quick and too early to do that in my estimation.

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