January 22, 2013

Legalize Industrial Hemp Says Rand Paul

At the Kentucky Commodities Conference, U.S. Senator Rand Paul said he would like to see Kentucky legalize industrial hemp in the state.

Paul said the key there would be to obtain a waiver which would allow the state to grow the commodity. In the past Paul has supported federal legislation to legalizing growing the crop.
Some in law enforcement oppose legalizing industrial hemp because it looks very similar to marijuana.
"It looks somewhat similar, that's what they're concerned about, but we live in a modern age. If you get a permit from Commissioner Comer and they put in the GPS, every sheriff and every policeman would know where it's going to be grown," Paul said.

At this time both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly have bills filed in them which would allow industrial hemp to be grown, which would have to be licensed via the Department of Agriculture.

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