January 30, 2013

Missing Dog, Family, Have Happy Ending

In a feel-good story that even a Hollywood script writer couldn't make up, a 5-month-old puppy disappeared 18 months ago from a family living in Fort Campbell, Ky., and now has been found in the northern part of New Mexico.

The Chihuahua-dachshund is now a 2-year-old nursing mom, although unfortunately when found, its litter remained lost after a search by shelter workers.

Named Pooka, owner Mandi Smith said when she was first contacted by the Espanola Valley Humane Society in New Mexico, she thought someone was playing a joke on her. She was happily wrong.

What made the happy ending for the family and missing dog was an embedded microchip that had been implanted in Pooka just a few days before she went missing. She was discovered on January 12 walking about the streets of Espanola, NM.

Smith was reunited with Pooka on Wednesday in Albuquerque.

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  1. I am so happy she found her pet and best friend.