January 31, 2013

Kentucky Tea Party: Beware of Democrats Bearing Gifts

The idea that Democrats in Kentucky are worried about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), getting re-elected, and want to work together with Republicans and Tea Party representatives is a joke.

This is nothing other than the old but effective tactic of dividing and conquering. If the Tea Party members go along with this, they will be rightly tarnished as an arm of the Democratic Party of Kentucky; they would lose credibility and effectiveness.

More importantly, what Democrats are attempting to do is create the illusion that the Republican Party has lost its vision, and they want to exploit that by appearing to be concerned over the situation, but once McConnell was removed from the Senate race, would aggressively attack the candidate they originally talked Republicans and Tea Party representatives into backing.

In case you think I'm a supporter of Mitch McConnell, I'm not, my loyalties lie with the Tea Party, assuming they remain on message.

But at this point in time, unless the Tea Party puts forth a strong candidate, it would probably be better to re-elect Mitch McConnell than to have a person lacking character and not representing Kentucky values, such as actress Ashley Judd, who has been throwing out trial balloons all over the place to see if she would have any real chance of becoming a Senator from Kentucky.

It's best to spread the message of liberty around and build up at the grass roots level than to accept any money from the liberal, Democrat machine that has shown in its major representative Barack Obama, that it doesn't matter if you lie, cheat or steal to get your way, as long as you get it.

The Kentucky Tea Party should focus on the long-term and stay away from these types of proposed alliances which will rob it of its soul.

In truth the Democrats know of the potential of the Tea Party in Kentucky and around the nation, and are attempting to co-opt it by appearing to be friends with them against a common enemy. Mitch McConnell, because of some of his wrong-headed decisions, has become their poster boy for doing this.

Don't be taken in by it Tea Party. To be successful, we must not engage and enter into short-term strategies which have no long-term benefit to us. Removing Mitch McConnell may send a message - and talk of it already has - but to look at it from a larger point of view and longer time frame, it's really not that important.

Liberal Democrats view Obama as their chance of a lifetime, and they're doing everything they can to replace anyone that may oppose his repugnant agenda. Could you imagine abortionist and liberal Ashley Judd representing the people of Kentucky? Mitch McConnell looks like a saint compared to that Hollywood nut job.

Forget the idea of attempting to get rid of Mitch McConnell as some type of major goal and strategy. If it can be done with a strong liberty-minded candidate, I'm all for it; one that could defeat any candidate the Democratic Party of Kentucky could throw at them. But to get rid of McConnell for the purpose of punishing him, and them punishing the people of Kentucky with someone like Ashley Judd, would set the Tea Party back for years, and isn't worth the effort for some temporary satisfaction.

Don't reach across the aisle to the Democrats. As bad as Mitch McConnell is in some areas, he does have some conservative values that line up with the people of Kentucky, something most Democrats don't have.

Notice all the Democrats running around Kentucky and blabbing to mainstream media outlets how they back Obama in his radical agendas, including attempts to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights. To vote for that party is to vote against liberty and ourselves. Don't do it.

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