January 20, 2013

Democrat Extremist Schumer: NRA is "Extreme"

Goofy Democratic senator from New York, Chuck Schumer, said in an interview with the liberal, leftist HuffPost that the National Rifle Association is a "very extreme" and "fringe group." Fringe group? It has millions of members, and most of those that own guns agree with what the NRA represent.

Schumer made up a story and said that the NRA "don’t even represent average gun holders.” What does that nonsensical comment even mean? Does he mean that there are millions of Americans that have guns that aren't part of the NRA? If so, so what? That's a meaningless statement.
That's like saying government doesn't represent average Americans because millions of them didn't vote. What's the point? All that alludes to is the fact people didn't vote. That's the same with the NRA.

The approximate 250,000 Americans that have joined the NRA over the last month confirm they in fact do represent far more Americans than there are members in the organization. Obviously Schumer isn't too bright of a man, and a disingenuous and dishonest one at that.

Schumer made one of the dumbest comments I've ever heard concerning firearms, noting that "even felons can get them." He is one dim light bulb, that's for sure.

In reference to protecting families, women, and children, that reinforces the exact point owners of guns who oppose this attempted grab by an out-of-control president and his progressive, liberal, leftist allies: we need to protect ourselves against the criminal element, both on the street and lurking in the halls of government.

The 2nd amendment was added for the purpose of being a final check and balance against those burgeoning dictators who want to take complete control of the lives of people. They know they can't do it with an armed populace.

That's really what's behind the attempt to grab guns. You can be sure every time some nut shoots at some people which results in fatalities, that the corrupt mainstream media will highlight it out of proportion to what it actually means.

Don't buy into the use of the young victims of the murderous nut as political human shields. It is an attempt to steal even more of our liberties away from us.

Where are the pictures of murdered babies in the womb that liberals and Democrats consider bad taste to use in the fight against legal infanticide?

Millions of babies murdered with the complicity of the U.S. government, but a few unfortunate victims who are children that are gunned down by a young murderer pumped up on prescription drugs are somehow more important.

You can see from this how the Democrat Schumer and his ilk are very sick people. Who ignores millions of murders of children and instead focuses on a handful of victims, as tragic as their plight was?

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