January 20, 2013

Obama, Abortion-Loving Ashley Judd Considering Kentucky Run Against Mitch McConnell

Representing everything the vast majority of people in Kentucky oppose, liberal actress Ashley Judd is throwing out some trial balloons to see if she has a chance if she decides to run against U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014.

A rabid supporter of Democrat Barack Obama, who is in opposition to almost everything Kentucky residents believe, Judd expects us to not view her radical believes and agenda and vote for her because she starred in a few movies.

She is a strong supporter of killing babies via abortion, and opposes animal control such as practiced in Alaska concerning wolves, blabbing about the practice of killing them in order to maintain control of the caribou population in Alaska, even though many of the residents count on a healthy population for food.

Judd apparently believes it's more important to control baby populations by killing them than it is to kill wolves so people can eat. She's also communicated with Democrat Kentucky governor Steve Beshear concerning homeless animals in Kentucky, calling upon him to protect them via overbearing enforcement of the Humane Shelter Law. No protection of babies for this actress and out-of-state woman, but she sure is worried about the animals of this world instead.

The idea of this Hollywood representative attempting to run and represent the people of Kentucky, even though she has almost no credibility or affinity with what we believe and want in a lawmaker, is despicable.

Let's send her a message right away that we don't even want to hear her named mentioned in regard to Kentucky. She no longer lives here and is completely out of touch with us. She's so far left she goes past the last house (referring to horror film of the same name).

A concerted liberal, Democrat-led attack has begun on the people of Kentucky, and we must oppose this vigorously if we don't want our state to change its unique character. Democrat John Yarmuth has already joined Barack Obama in his fight against the 2nd amendment, and he needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible.

All of this is to say they think they see weakness in the conservative and libertarian bent of the people of Kentucky. We need to send them a clear message that they have read us wrong.

If people like Steve Bashear won't represent who we are and speak up against these radicals, we need to send him packing and get someone who will. It doesn't matter if he has gotten a few businesses to come to Kentucky if he and his Democrat, liberal, progressive cohorts attempt to persuade us to sell our selves in response. We must not do it. We will not do it.

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