January 24, 2013

Should Kentucky Allow Teachers to Pack?


Several states already have laws in place which allow teachers and school officials to carry guns, and it is time that Kentucky looks at the issue and empowers their schools to protect the children under their care.

The stupid idea of trashing the constitution by attempting to ban guns is irrelevant, as all of us know that criminals and crazies will always have access to guns, and making a law forbidding firearms only results in law-abiding citizens turning them in and making themselves vulnerable to criminals.

Beyond that, there is no way the majority of Americans will ever turn in their guns anyway, so it does nothing to deal with the real issue of protecting children attending public or private schools.

With that in mind, Kentucky needs to put in place a law which will help the children by having trained and armed faculty members who are ready, able, and willing to use whatever means necessary to defend the lives of the children they are responsible for.

Since so-called gun control isn't feasible or constitutional, in accordance with the 2nd Amendment, it's the responsibility of Kentucky lawmakers to allow educators to protect our children and grandchildren.

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