January 28, 2013

Are Christians the Abortion Problem?

There are disturbing numbers and trends that suggest the reason abortion continues to be difficult to battle against is because there could be women in large numbers who identify themselves as Christians that are getting abortions. If true, a battle can't be won that is undermined by those from within.

The Guttmacher Institute noted in 2008 that of those women getting abortions, 37.3 percent identified themselves as Protestants and 28.1 percent identified themselves as Catholic. Assuming those numbers are close to being accurate, there is a major but unsurprising number of those asserting they're Christians who participate in the murder of their babies. There is no way a victory can be achieved with that type of rank hypocrisy.

A number of pro-lifers, of which is am one, have disputed these percentages, but I'm not so sure they are correct in their believe the numbers are probably inflated.

I've known a lot of people across the United States, and when talking to women that say they are Christians, quite a number of them have acknowledged they have had abortions; many of them doing so after saying they came to Christ.

If that's the case, there is a huge problem in Christianity, one which I've known about for years, but is finally being revealed in issues such as the abortions mentioned above.

Before we get into that, also keep in mind that the Republican party has continued to support Planned Parenthood, supported by the fact when they have been in the majority the baby-killing organization continues to receive funding from them. What more can be said? It's the truth.

The Future of Freedom Foundation says this:

"According to Planned Parenthood’s latest report, the organization received $542.4 million in 'government health services grants and reimbursements,' including 'payments from Medicaid managed care plans.' Yet the report also states that Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions in 2011. But Planned Parenthood could not have received a dime of taxpayer money unless Republicans in the House — who play the pro-life card at every election — voted for the funding. They were, after all, in the majority."

That there is a Trojan Horse in the Republican Party is without a doubt. In this article though I want to focus on the Trojan Horse in the Christian community, where the actions in this one issue has undermined the battle to end the hatred and murder of unborn children.

First, the term Christian, just like "church," has become meaningless. They have become interchangeable in a way that goes beyond what is revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and so many people asserting they are Christians, are in fact not really Christians, and the same is true with those organizing, buying a building, and then calling it a church.

Using the name Christian and church doesn't make you one, any more than calling a baby a fetus doesn't make it a human being. In other words, playing games with the meaning of words doesn't change the reality from God's point of view.

A real Christian will bear the fruit of that life, meaning will start to conform to the image of Jesus Christ, and corporately, any real church will do the same. That's really what being born again, or more fully, born from above, really means. It's a new life that comes into those who truly place their faith in Jesus Christ, and the life of Christ at that time takes up residence in a human being by the Holy Spirit in response to that faith.

Those that are really born from above will take on the characteristics of Christ, as the Holy Spirit lives to reveal Christ to us and change us into what He is like.

So in regard to abortion and any other practice that opposes Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, those who participate in those activities have to be questioned as to the truth of being born again, as we know that we are told that we know who they really are because they'll walk and live as Christ did.

The bottom line is we need to think over what it means to be a Christian, and must take that to the various battles we are fighting, as those who say they are Christians are fighting against those of us who want to see Christ released into this world as Savior and Lord.

This is another reason why homosexuality continues to rampage across the land. So-called pastors and leaders welcome them into the congregations; not to call them to repentance, but to make them feel welcome in their sins. The fight against homosexuality will never be won unless the church rises up and opposes this sin, as it's meant to oppose all sin.

When homosexuals are accepted in the churches, then we have yet another instance of a Trojan Horse weakening us from within. If we continue to wrongly believe that those allowing such things are Christians or churches, then we'll begin to accept their conclusions simply because those we know of are usually national ministries which are trusted for no other reason than being on "Christian" television.

To not understand the battle we're up against could lead many to despair, as they'll think just because some celebrity preacher gets wobbly in the battle against homosexuality, abortion, and other evils, that maybe those doing the fighting are wrong.

Don't believe that, give in, or give up. You're not wrong. They are. What is happening is the religious world is turning away from Jesus Christ in the name of the false god tolerance and acceptance, resulting in an growing false Christianity, which is increasingly in the life of individuals and congregations.

We no longer can assume those naming Christ are Christians, or that those having the term "church" on a building or papers means they are a church.

That is the only way to be strengthened in the battle as discouragement arises and we see those that proclaim they are Christians are in truth wolves in sheep's clothing set in place by Satan to discourage the elect.

There will be much more than this happening concerning issues such as abortion, as we begin to understand there are false Christians, false politicians, and false churches which undermine the work we're attempting to do by positioning themselves as allies, when in fact they're working from within to destroy us.

A time of prayer and fasting needs to arise where we cry out to God and Jesus Christ that we are given wisdom to see through the mixture and see exactly who He is and what He wants of us, while not being afraid to call out those that have abandoned the faith but continue on in the form of religion that denies its power and truth.

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