January 30, 2013

Tree Falls on Home of N.KY. Woman

A woman from Highland Heights in northern Kentucky woke up to a surprise after harsh weather swept through the area, as a neighbor called and let her know that a tree had landed fallen on her house.

Fortunately for Amy Doherghty there wasn't much damage from the tree landing on her home. It apparently must had slowly pulled from its roots since she didn't hear the tree hit her home. The strong winds also could have contributed to the situation.

I had a similar situation happen to be several months ago when a tree was uprooted after very wet weather followed by severe weather and strong winds. Doherghty said she was told by a tree service that it was what happened in her situation as well.

If the roots of a tree aren't real deep, this can happen to ever very established trees. In my case the tree was very mature, spanning at least about 8' to 10' in diameter.

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