January 30, 2013

Courier-Journal Gun-Control Poll a Joke

The liberal newspaper rag of Kentucky, the Courier Journal, is using polls to attempt to make it appear the residents of Kentucky support Obama's attack on the 2nd Amendment and the values of the vast majority of Kentucky residents.

Most people must understand that polling, in many cases, are used as a tool to sway public opinion, and the questions are asked in a way that confuses respondents.

So when the Courier Journal screams in it headlines that "Many of President Barack Obama's gun-control measures supported in Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll," and then deceivingly assert "a majority of Kentuckians support gun-control measures proposed by President Barack Obama," you can see they are using SurveyUSA polling as a means of trying to make the people of Kentucky believe something they in fact don't.

In other words, these are mind games being employed because of the cynical paper believing the people of Kentucky are too stupid to see through their strategy.

An anemic 700 Kentucky residents took part in the poll, and allegedly 56 percent of them are in favor of "stricter gun-control laws."

What is 56 percent of 700 people polled? It's 392 people. So according to the Courier Journal, the 392 people in Kentucky (assuming they even understood the poll questions) who say they believe that gun laws need to become stricter, encompass the beliefs and values of the entire state.

Again, this is pathetic, and using the same polling company, found out from 609 registered voters that they oppose U.S Senator Mitch McConnell by a 2-1 margin. Here's the link to that "poll." Bookmark this page and come back when McConnell runs again to see if the 2-1 margin yelled out by the Courier Journal is true or not.

The bottom line is polling, even when done honestly and correctly, isn't an exact science, or a science at all, and many times are found to be nowhere nearly as accurate as the results portray. There is no doubt with these two polls that this is true, as we'll see going forward.

It's amazing to see this newspaper subject itself to be the laughing stalk it is by printing these poll results as if they are meaningful or accurate in any way. This mainstream media newspaper is already considered a joke by many, but to reveal itself as the court jester of news, or class clown of Kentucky media, is a terrific, but unexpected surprise.

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