January 28, 2013

Boys Scouts Going Gay?

In what could be a moral disaster, the Boys Scouts of America appears to be caving on the issue of excluding gays from leadership in the organization.

At this time, what appears to be a trial balloon, the Boy Scouts organization has thrown out the possibility of leaving it in the hands of local groups and their donaters as to whether or not to allow homosexual leaders and youth members into the organization.

It's a disaster because there is no way to police the organization and who the members are.
For example, what happens if there are jamborees involving Boy Scout organizations from a variety of areas, some of which allow and others which forbid homosexual involvement? Those who expect there to be no gay leaders and members involved, will now have their boys exposed to the aberrant lifestyle, which is always evangelistic in nature, no matter what the proponents assert.

If the Boys Scouts of America goes forth with this compromise, we need to immediately take our boys out en masse, and allow them to see just how deeply we oppose this outrageous measure.

For Larue County and the surrounding area, we need to let the organization know we won't settle for these actions by the national organization, and will stop funding in any way, shape or form the Boy Scouts in this area.

There are plenty of ways a similar group can be put together, one that is safe and focuses on what the Boy Scouts are supposed to be focused on; not to create another group involved with social engineering which could result in our young boys being exposed to and recruited in this lifestyle that is opposed by Jesus Christ and the Bible.

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