January 25, 2013

Kentucky Gun Law Good Step Forward

In a bill that was overwhelmingly passed in March of 2012, and signed into law by Gov. Steve Beshear on April 11, 2012, residents of Kentucky can now carry a legal firearm in any local government building or property. The state House voted 88-8 to approve the measure, while the Senate approved it 34-2.

Now people can carry firearms in places like city hall, city council chambers, parks, and libraries, among other places.

For those carrying the proper permits, these protective weapons can also be concealed when entering government-owned property.

Areas where firearms cannot be carried are prisons, jails, and schools. Colleges and universities can make their own rules concerning allowing firearms on their properties, per the law. Concerning judicial facilities, the judicial branch decides whether or not to put restrictions in place.

A separate state statute allows for cities to ban concealed firearms on their premises if they choose to. Concerning private businesses, they are also empowered to make the decision on whether or not to allow firearms on the property.

Concerns over various scenarios have been brought up, but they are unwarranted because the safest thing we can have in this world is when law-abiding citizens carry firearms for the purpose of self-defense. Many of the tragic deaths from crazies would have been avoided if trained people had been on site to protect the innocent.

If you look at church facilities, there have been very few incidents now that it is widely known that trained people are ready and willing to bring down anyone trying to shoot up the congregation.

Also per the statute, it was made clear that only the state has the authority to regulate guns, not localities. Any local ordinances are now voided by the new law that has now been enacted.

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