March 6, 2013

Alpha (ANR) Denies Mine Reopening Rumors

A strange event in eastern Kentucky and Virginia will probably result in a lot of angry and hurt people looking for mining jobs, as some company named Professional Contracting LLC has been taking thousands of applications for jobs that don't exist, citing the reopening of mines by Alpha Natural Resources (NYSE: ANR).

In January 2013, Alpha has shut down several mines in the region, which resulted in laying off hundreds of workers there.

Professional Contracting LLC made claims the mines were going to be reopened, resulting in the huge number of people applying for the jobs. Those applying for the non-existent jobs were told by this company they had to show up in person in Norton, Va to be considered for a position.

According to Alpha Natural Resources, they have no plans to reopen the four closed mines. Spokeswoman Samantha Davison said she has no knowledge of Alpha ever having an affiliation with Professional Contracting.

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