March 21, 2013

Kentucky Loses 150 Jobs in February

Even though the loss of 150 jobs in February in Kentucky wasn't enough to move the existing 7.9 percent jobless rate, it does confirm the ongoing fragility of the economy in the Bluegrass state.

Sectors losing the most jobs were in financial services and the information business. In broadcast and media, about 1,000 jobs were lost in February. About 600 jobs were lost in the financial services sector. Unsurprisingly, the mining and logging sector lost about 300 jobs in February.

According to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, those sectors gaining jobs included manufacturing, which gained 3,100 jobs; leisure and hospitality sector added 2,300 jobs; and the educational and health services sector grew 1,200 jobs

It's uncertain as to why state economist Manoj Shanker said a loss in jobs shows "considerable improvement" in gaining back jobs lost during the recession. It's a state agency though, and so will attempt to spin the most positive outlook even with weak job creation data.

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