March 6, 2013

Ashley Judd, Beshear, and "Raping" of Mountains by Kentucky Coal Miners

It's bizarre to see Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear cuddle up to anti-Kentucky, Hollywood elitist liberal Ashley Judd, who represents everything Kentucky isn't. Doesn't he know the consequences of what appears to be his growing support for this extremist?

Below is an example of this fanatic equating the coal miners of Kentucky as rapists because they're moving some rock off the mountains to get at the coal God placed there. Godless people like Judd don't understand the "earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," so the false idea that the earth is our mother is an attack on Christianity, which says New Jerusalem is our mother, and she is in the heavenlies.

Anyone calling mining rape is a candidate for needed counselling. At least her mother and sister are getting that help. She needs to join them or forever remain in denial of her deep emotional problems.

Think of it. She is an outrageous supporter of Planned Parenthood, which has its roots squarely in the racist vision of Margaret Sanger, who pushed murderous abortions as a way to control the population of black Americans, among others.

Maybe that's why radical liberal groups such as Progress Kentucky support Judd, as it has attacked the ethnicity of the wife of Mitch McConnell, who is Asian. The historical racists in America have always primarily been Democrats, as history totally confirms.

So Judd doesn't mind the butchering of babies in the womb, but loses sleep during the night over moving around of rock and dirt on Kentucky mountains.

Also extremely fishy and something Judd hasn't been called out on is why her husband left her right before she made it known she is serious about making a run for the Senate seat held by McConnell. It appears she was going to have it her way or nothing. That kind of fanaticism and hunger for power is dangerous; something radicals like Obama live for.

Finally, Judd isn't even a resident of Kentucky, as she resides in Tennessee, but wants to force herself on Kentucky by re-establishing residency after years of being absent.

It also seems there is growing pressure from national, radical liberal Democrats for the Democrats of Kentucky to toe the line, hold their noses, and get out of the way of a Ashley Judd run if that's what the spoiled little child wants.

Even the comments made by those outside of Kentucky show there is little real understanding of the people living here and their conservative values. Ashley Judd is a slap in the face of those values, and must and will be soundly rejected by people in the state if she chooses to run for public office.

Democrats in Kentucky know they need to keep their distance from Judd, as when and if she runs, and when she is soundly defeated, the wrath of the voters in the Commonwealth will turn upon the cowardly Democrats who offered her aid and comfort.

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