March 9, 2013

Ky. Woman Accused of Killing Husband Seeks New Trial

photo credit: wlwt
Convicted of the cold-blooded murder of her husband while he was in bed, Cheryl McCafferty is seeking a new trial citing ineffective counsel.

On Friday McCafferty, who has already had a bid to be paroled rejected in 2011, appeared in court in the first step towards trying to get her conviction overturned. Here next parole hearing won't be till 2016.

McCafferty, 48, is serving an 18-year sentence for first-degree manslaughter for the murder of her husband Robert McCafferty, who was 44-years-old at the time of his death in Fort Thomas.

Campbell Commonwealth's Attorney Michelle Snodgrass wasn't allowed to be in the courtroom for the hearing because of the possibility of conflict of interests, because she prosecuted the case against McCafferty. She could be called as a witness concerning the new trial issue.

Special Judge Robert McGinnis is presiding over the hearing after Campbell Circuit Judge Julie Reinhardt Ward recused herself. Ward had been the judge in the trial of McCafferty.
Representing McCafferty was attorney Deanna Dennison.

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