March 6, 2013

Joy Global (JOY) Laying Off 150 Millersburg, Ky. Workers

photo credit: Kevin Green
Joy Global Inc., a manufacturer and servicer of mining equipment, announced it will be laying off 150 workers at its Millersburg, Kentucky plant. The company said the work performed at the plant will be transferred to Longview.

The company acquired the former LeTourneau Technologies plant in Longview in 2011. According to Vice President for Marketing Mark Finlay, there are no plants to move laid off workers to the Longview plant.

“Our movement will take place over a four-or five-month period after the typical warning notice,” said Vice President for Marketing Mark Finlay. “After the 60-day period, we will begin transitioning that work that will go over to (the Longview) plant.”

If there is any extra work at the Longview plant, Finley said it would be supplemental, meaning there is little in the way of hope concerning workers in Millersburg returning to the company.

Joy Global will retain 37 employees in Millersburg, encompassing sales, marketing and engineering.

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