March 8, 2013

Religious Freedom Bill Passes House and Senate, Ready for Governor's Signature

Religious Freedom Bill Passes Kentucky House and Senate
All that's left for a new law that protects the religious freedom of the people of Kentucky is for Governor Beshear to sign it, as the Kentucky House and Senate passed the bill quickly, understanding Kentucky courts, in many cases, have gone activist and reinterpret existing laws.

To that end the new law would protect religious individuals and groups by making it harder for the state to arbitrarily act against its citizens who object to regulations interfering with legitimate beliefs.

It says the "government shall not burden a person's freedom of religion" and that the burden must be "substantial" if is to be allowed to do so. Going further, it also protects the right for people to reject these intrusions based upon religious beliefs.

Opponents of the bill are of course those that have been persecuting Christians in America and the states, who now see they won't be able to manipulate the courts to legally force their lifestyles and beliefs on religious people.

This is definitely an outstanding forward step to protect the freedoms of religious people in Kentucky, and needs to be quickly signed into law by Governor Beshear.

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  1. This is certainly good to know. Now religious sect could not manipulate the courts and at the same time they are protected as long as it is a legitimate belief. Thanks for sharing this!