March 13, 2013

Kentucky Dog Saved Using CPR

California firefighters attempt to save dog using CPR
A dog in a Kentucky home was trapped when a fire started and fortunately for the dog, it survived because of the work of firefighters on the scene, who found the dog unresponsive in the smoke-filled home.

After pulling the dog from the home, firefighters in Murray, Kentucky began to perform CPR on the dog through chest compressions and the use of a mask on the dogs nose, which pumped air into its lungs.

For a while it didn't look like the dog would survive, but 20 minutes later it responded, whereupon it was taken to a veterinarian to be checked out. Word is the dog will recover fully from its ordeal.

Murray Fire Department Capt. Brian Mills said this: "We were able to seal off the dog's mouth and nose enough with (a mask), and forced air in like you would on a human. Slowly but surely he came around. ... It's one of the most unique days at the office I've ever had."

Another firefighter, Steven Lax, said that the approach towards saving the dog was similar to how they would have done it if working on a person.

The dog was the only occupant of the home when the fire began in the living room. Fortunately it was able to be contained there.

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