March 11, 2013

Kentucky Concealed Gun Classes Jump

Concerns over the attempt by the government to trash the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms has citizens of Kentucky coming out in record numbers to take concealed gun classes because of uncertainty surrounding where gun restrictions may go.

According to the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice, the number of people in Kentucky taking classes in January, 2013, climbed to the highest level in about a decade.

While the the numbers in February were down from January, they still stood at almost double of what they were in any month for 2012. February's total fell to 8,677 taking the classes.

One police officer from Louisville that conducts concealed gun courses says they are packed around the state, confirming it's have to find ammo for some guns; specifically .22-caliber and 9 mm handguns. Prices at times have doubled for the ammo for these two guns.

Since 1996 when the people of Kentucky were first allowed to carry concealed firearms, 243,924 concealed carry licenses have been awarded. That shows how much it has picked up over the last couple of months.

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