March 5, 2013

Rand Paul Says Judd Doesn't Represent Kentucky

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said on CNN's "State of the Union" that Tennessee resident and extreme liberal, Ashley Judd, "doesn't really represent Kentucky," meaning the values of the majority of people residing in the state.

Judd isn't even a resident of Kentucky, and would have to move and establish residence here to even run against Mitch McConnell.

The national mainstream media are attempting to make this look like it would be a close race, with Judd having a good chance to even unseat McConnell. While McConnell could be vulnerable, the politically extreme Judd, who has held nothing back as to her views, would find it impossible to backtrack on her support of abortion, planned parenthood, and opposition to coal, among others.

Some of those would be strengths in some states, but in Kentucky they're guaranteed to turn people against you.

Another disconnect from national pundits is the idea that McConnell would be viewed as anti-women in the state, even though Judd would in fact have to deal with that reality, as abortion and planned parenthood are considered anti-woman and anti-family.

So when the mainstream media outlets try to make this look like a race Judd could win, they are basing that assumption and wishful thinking upon their worldview, not that held by the vast majority of Kentuckians.

Now if there was a strong Tea Party-type candidate that arose, McConnell would be in some serious trouble. At this time such a candidate hasn't emerged.

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