March 19, 2013

Musky Fishermen Converge on Cave Run Lake

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With muskies going to the shallows to spawn in response to warming waters, fishermen are heading to Cave Run Lake to get their first taste of musky fishing this spring.

The favorite destinations for muskies this time of the year is in the shallow areas near the heads of the creeks. What attracts the muskellunge is the waters running into the lake.

What seasoned anglers look for this time of the year is for darker or stained water because that will represent slightly warmer waters; something the musky are looking for at this time. This is because it attracts bait fish from the nutrients in those areas.

That being the case, the more popular areas on the lake to fish this time of the year are Scott Creek, Warix Run and Caney Creek. This is because of wide shallow mud flats in those area that warm up very quick on days with full sun.

Even so, according to Fred Howes, northeastern fisheries biologist for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, talking to Morehead News, said this:  “Through the years we've found that muskies are distributed throughout all sections of the lake in March. We find excellent numbers of 30-inch and larger muskies.” So if the well-known areas are filled with anglers, there is hope if anglers try other similar areas as well.

As with most cold water situations, the earlier part of the musky fishing season calls for smaller baits, with larger ones being used as the water warms up.

Keep in mind the license year expired February 28, 2013, and anglers will have to acquire a new license.

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