March 1, 2013

Kentucky Sheriff Owes $277,915 to Fiscal Court

After a state audit of a sheriff located in eastern Kentucky, it was found there were a number of errors  in management that resulted in a budget deficit reaching over $100,000.

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman owes $277,915 to the Fiscal Court for payroll assistance, after errors with "disallowed expenditures" were discovered, as well as failure to properly verify fuel purchases and for going over the salary limits allowed.

Responding to the audit, Peyman said he has been working on the issues raised, and said all the paperwork is current, has implemented new policies in regard to fuel purchases, and will repay $519 for jury meals which were counted as expenditures when the jury hadn't met on that specific day.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office was taken over by the fiscal court in November 2012.

Peyman came to national attention when he was among the first of America's sheriffs to say he won't enforce any federal gun control laws in his county.

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