March 12, 2013

Let's Hope Ashley Judd Runs Against McConnell for Senate Seat

The more people in Kentucky think about Ashley Judd running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the more they are getting nervous if they're Democrats, and the more they're rejoicing if they're Republicans.

Even when her own mother and sister talk about Ashley, there is no love lost between them, and the allegations made by Judd against her mother especially points to an extremely flawed individual that would garner no sympathy at all from the majority of Kentucky voters she is not only in conflict with as far as values, but acts as if she is superior to in her comments about them and their work in the state.

For Democrats in Kentucky, some at first started salivating over the prospect of a Judd run against McConnell, because he's considered vulnerable against the right candidate. But as people examine Judd and her extreme comments, Democrats are starting to squirm because they see the complete disaster that Judd will be for them, as the national party, which is totally out of step with the people of Kentucky and their values, is pushing to make her the candidate they think can unseat McConnell.

That's a delusion generated from their sheltered existence in Washington, where they can't see anywhere in the country that wouldn't kneel to their wisdom and insight. In regard to Kentucky, there is such a wide chasm between someone like Judd and the people, that even committed, conservative Democrats would not vote for her. The national Democrats simply don't see how terrible she is viewed by Kentuckians.

It's worse than that though. The Kentucky Democrats will be strongly pressured to back Judd if she decides to run, and the party will be painted with her views, as well as Obama's, which will set the Kentucky Democratic Party back for years.

That election it would be a slaughter by the Republicans, who would get the vote in a way they haven't for some time in the state across numerous counties that have went Democrats' way recently.

The bottom line is the Senate race would be a national election, and there is no way a liberal like Judd could ever win in Kentucky.

We could even see a big rift in the Democratic Party of Kentucky because many of its leaders currently in office know they would be in extreme danger of being painted with the attributes of Judd, something many of them won't be able to escape.

Republicans on the other hand are more than hoping Judd will enter the race, as it's one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can change history.

The question is if the national Democrats will give this terrific gift to the Republicans or not. If they do, it'll be extremely difficult for many Democrats to back her, and will be extremely interesting to see how they respond.

No doubt this is great theater that will be played out on the national level. This is what terrifies Kentucky Democrats ... and it should. Once it starts to be covered in the mainstream media, there is no backing out.

The repercussions could be extraordinary, swift, and ominous. It's amazing that many top Democrats such as Governor Steve Beshear are giving her praise. That means national leaders are already pressing hard for Judd's run. What an amazing debacle is about to happen.

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