March 11, 2013

Jesus Christ is Our Tree of Life

We need to think of Jesus Christ a little differently when it comes to Him being first revealed as the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden.

Unfortunately we consider it more of a children's story about Satan tempting Eve to eat of the alternative tree - the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - rather than of the Tree of Life, which was Jesus Christ.

To that end we miss the real strength of the story, which is that we were to internalize who Christ was, with the result of being conformed to His very image.

This is why Jesus, when He was on the earth, was rejected again when He said to His disciples that they couldn't have any part of Him unless they ate His flesh and drank His blood.

There is not doubt this was figurative language referring to Him as the Tree of Life that needs to be accepted within so our salvation can be then worked out with "fear and trembling," as Paul the apostle said.

We need to look at the Tree of Life as being Christ Himself in order to understand how important it was to by faith receive Him within - not just as our salvation - but as a life-changing being who dwells within us by the Spirit, whom lives to work Christ within our very being so we can be like Him.

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