March 5, 2013

Beshear Going to Bed with Judd?

The idea of Tennessee resident Ashley Judd representing the people of Kentucky is pathetic, as this Hollywood elitest and Obama sycophant is against everything the vast majority of Kentuckians stand for.

Judd isn't simply a liberal, she's radical to the core, and has backed Obama in almost everything he has done.

So when Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear said she would be "an effective and formidable" challenger to Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, you know forces outside of Kentucky are pressing the Kentucky Democratic party to line up behind this potential candidate.

We'll make Beshear and the Democrats pay in the next election if they don't have the courage to stand up against the outrageous Obama political machine, which uses strong-arm tactics to get its way, as it has when Obama was in Chicago. We don't and won't have Chicago politics in Kentucky, and that's what someone like Judd represents.

Look already at how the Democrats of Kentucky have backpedaled of the despicable Judd. Initially they were all running from her with the exception of a couple of Democrats residing in safe, liberal Kentucky strongholds.

Democrats of Kentucky know if Judd runs, and after she is defeated, that there will be huge payback for supporting her. So when Beshear offers support for Judd, you know his national masters are starting to pull his strings.

This is not good for Kentucky, and we need to let Beshear know we won't have a non-Kentucky resident take up residence for the purpose of running for the Senate.

While it may be legal if Judd takes up residence in Kentucky again, it shows the obsession a radical liberal like her has. Remember when Hillary Clinton did the same when she moved from Arkansas to New York?

So let your representatives know we have no interest in this type of person who is opposed to most of what we stand for to represent us. If they don't resist this encroachment on the people of Kentucky, we'll vote in those that will.

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