March 5, 2013

Larue County Weather: Snow Flurries Possible Later Tonight

Larue County motorists need to be careful tonight as rain in the afternoon and early evening could turn to snow flurries as colder weather descends on the area.

As the night goes on winds are also supposed to pick up, reaching about 23 mph by about 10:00. Temperatures are expected to feel much colder than they actually are in the evening hours.

Temperatures are expected to drop below 40° at about 8:00, which will feel about 10° colder at that time.

Snow should start falling at around 10:00, although it could come a little earlier if it does end up getting cold enough to turn into snow. Worse is the potential for icy patches, which have wreaked havoc in the Larue County recently.

If you're traveling north conditions could worsen.

Temperatures will hover around 32° from 10:00 onwards, with a low of about 33° forecast. Chances of snow are about 50 percent for the night. Up to 3" inches could fall, according to weather outlets.

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