March 8, 2013

Democrat Redistricting Plan Illegal Says Senate President Stivers

Robert Stivers
An outrageous bid by Democrats to take Kentucky more liberal through shenanigans involving using numbers different than the census numbers is sparking a battle, as confirmed by a number of Republicans, including Senate President Robert Stivers, who called the charade "illegal."

That hasn't stopped House Speaker Greg Stumbo, a Democrat, from acting like he and other Democrats have done nothing wrong, and like liberals and a growing number of Democrats, are attempting to fast-track the bill in order to keep the public from knowing what is happening by not allowing debate and comment on the proposed legislation.

These are Obama's Chicago tactics which don't belong in Kentucky.

“One of the things in the case law that we have read is you have to be consistent in your application of those numbers,” Stivers said, referring to his statement that the bill is illegal.

What the Democrats are trying to do is make the House districts so in their favor that it would be difficult to unseat them in the future. In other words, they want to bypass Democracy in favor of using tactics and bills to make the districts line up heavily in their favor.

For Republicans, that would mean 13 incumbents would be placed in six new House Districts, which would create seven new districts they would have to square off against one another in. The Republicans in the Kentucky Senate would have to be politically suicidal to agree to this nonsense.

Stivers said it's unlikely they will.

“It would be somewhat difficult since we had a redistricting plan that was based on the congressional level with one set of numbers and the House has now changed to use another set of numbers.

I think this is being put forward because the people of Kentucky are going to vent their wrath on Democrats in the next election cycle for the destructive polices of Obama and the Democratic Party at the national level.

They don't want to lose the House, and possibly more, by letting things remain as they are. Republicans should smell the blood in the water and refuse to cooperate. The public is on their side, and it makes the Democrats look dishonest, thuggish, and desperate.

It's as it should be when you see where they have taken this country over the last several years.

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