March 15, 2013

Kentucky Fire Fatalities Hit 22 in Early 2013

The large number of fire deaths in Kentucky so far in the early part of 2013 has prompted state fire marshal William Swope to make some comments on how residents can better protect themselves.

So far 22 people have died in fires so far in the early part of 2013. At the same time last year there were only four deaths from fires in Kentucky.

"Compared to last year at this time, we had four. The year before we had 21. So it goes up and down but I think this year because we had so many, so close together and it's involved multiple loss of life, that is has brought more attention to the situation," added Swope.

Swope said, "What we do know is that when it comes to fire fatalities, the common thread is the lack of a working smoke detector."

As for the causes of fires, each case is different said Swope.

The latest tragedy was March 14, where 3 people perished in a home fire in the Alpha community of Wayne County. Dead are Doug “Shorty” Walker, his wife Melvina, her grandson, Jaimie. Jaimie's sister Samantha was the only survivor of the fire.

For those unsure about smoke detectors and whether they're in working order, Swope said they should contact their local fire department.

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