March 4, 2013

Kentucky Boy Honored for Saving Brother with Heimlich Maneuver

Enquirer/Patrick Reddy
For saving his eight-year-old brother Davis Fritz using the Heimlich maneuver in December, 11-year-old Louis Fritz was honored at his school with a Heimlich Institute Certificate of Heroism Award.

Not too long before Christmas 2012, Davis started to eat some orange sliced that became lodged in his throat. Seeing his brother struggle, Louis jumped into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver on Davis until all of the orange slices came safely out.

Presenting the award to Louis was none other than the inventor of the maneuver, Dr.  Henry Heimlich, 93.

The purpose of the Heimlich Heroes program is to draw attention to what to do in similar circumstances if someone is ever faced with it.

According to Louis, he learned how to do the maneuver when seeing it on a poster on the wall of a hospital when visiting it.

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